Foresight Development Fund

Management Style


Asset Class




Risk / Reward Scale
Annual Return


Distribution Frequency


Investment Minimum

20 000 USD


Key facts

Fund typeInterval Fixed-income Fund
Date of inceptionJune 2023
Planned fund size$10 million
Fund goalStable income stream with capital appreciation potential
Expected rate of return8% annual return
Minimum investment$20 000
Liquidity profileTwice a year; Max 15% of NAV annually

Risk ratings

Fund Overview

Foresight Development Fund combines fixed-income and equity elements.

Primarily used for the preservation of invested capital, the fund utilizes quasi-equity instruments, such as convertible loans and capital invested with put options for fixed-income investments. Additionally, a portion of the fund's portfolio may be allocated to conventional equity investments (Pure Equity).

Fund Management

Foresight Development Fund is managed by the Investment Officer of Foresight Investment Group and the company's Investment Department.

Investment Policy

The fund provides risk capital to registered companies in Georgia for business development. Investments are made using quasi-equity instruments and are oriented towards businesses that exhibit high growth potential but lack adequate collateral or current assets for a commercial bank loan financing.

The fund's investment commitment ranges from $200,000 to $1 million. Its objective is to create a diversified portfolio and is not sector-specific.

Investor Profile

The fund is intended for investors:

Who have medium risk appetite and want an above average rate of return

Interested in regular income as well as capital gain potential

Who have medium-term investment capacity of 3+ years

Target Industries

Historical Results of the Fund

Fund Regulation

Foresight Development Fund is registered and regulated by the National Bank of Georgia in accordance with the 2020 Law "On Investment Funds".

Company’s Founding Documents

For the fund's Articles of Association, Investment Policy and other documents, contact us.

Any investment in financial instruments involves risks. Past performance is no basis for predicting future results. Before making an investment, a potential investor should carefully familiarize himself with the prospectus and related materials, and carefully analyze the risks associated with the financial instruments and their compatibility with his investment objectives and financial situation.

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