Foresight USD secured debt portfolio

Management Style


Asset Class

Fixed-income debT


Conservative loan portfolio

Risk / Reward Scale
Annual Return


Distribution Frequency


Investment Minimum

5 000 USD


Key facts

Fund typeClosed-end fixed-income fund
Date of inception7 March, 2023
Fund term4 years
Planned fund size$30 million

Risk ratings

Fund Summary

Foresight USD Secured Debt Portfolio is a lending fund that provides the raised funds in the form of secured loans to successful Georgian companies. The portfolio of the fund is diversified by sector and is characterized by a low risk profile.

Fund Management

USD Secured Debt Portfolio is managed by the Investment Officer of Foresight Investment Group and the company's Investment Department.

Investor Profile

The fund is intended for investors:

With USD Savings

Who have a low risk tolerance

Who want a regular, stable income

Who want to protect their savings from inflation

Target Industries

Historical Results of the Fund

Fund Regulation

Foresight USD Secured Debt Portfolio (JSC "Foresight Capital") is registered and regulated by the National Bank of Georgia in accordance with the 2020 Law "On Investment Funds".

Company’s Founding Documents

For the fund's Articles of Association, Investment Policy and other documents, contact us.

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