Foresight Money
market fund

Investment Minimum

100 GEL

Interest Accrual

on Daily Balance


Money Market

Risk / Reward Scale
Annual Return


Asset Class

Money market assets



Management Style



Key facts

Fund typeOpen mutual fund
Date of inceptionMarch 2024
Fund termIndefinite
Expected annual
Distribution of
Withdrawal of fundsAt any time (without commission)
Accrual of interestOn the daily balance

Risk ratings

Fund Overview

Foresight GEL Money Market FundFund gives you the opportunity to bind your GEL savings for any term and receive interest daily, based on the balance at the end of the day.

in addition, it is possible to invest in the fund with a low minimum contribution, and you can withdraw funds at any time, with a maximum turnaround of one day.

Fund Manager

The fund is managed by the licensed Asset Management Company LLC "Foresight Investment Group", with Vladimer Mestiashvili as the Fund Manager

Fund's Specialized Custodian

In accordance with legal requirements, the Asset Management Company delegates the functions of storing, accounting, and administering the fund's assets to a licensed specialized custodian.

As of March 6, 2024, JSC "Halyk Bank Georgia" (ID 205236537) is designated as the specialized custodian for all assets of the Foresight GEL Money Market Fund, including its cash reserves and securities.

Investor Profile

The fund is intended for individuals, who:

Want to keep money
in GEL for a short time

Who have a low risk tolerance

Want to earn interest
on their short term saving

Want to protect their savings from inflation

Fund Regulation

Foresight GEL Money Market Fund is registered and regulated by the National Bank of Georgia in accordance with the 2020 Law "On Investment Funds".

Company’s Founding Documents

For the fund's Articles of Association, Investment Policy and other documents, contact us.

Any investment in financial instruments involves risks. Past performance is no basis for predicting future results. Before making an investment, a potential investor should carefully analyze the fund's prospectus and related materials, and carefully analyze the risks associated with the financial instruments and their compatibility with his investment objectives and financial situation.

Historical Results of the Fund

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