Our Story

Founded in Georgia, Foresight Investment Group is one of the country's first asset management companies, which by its creation of a new type of profitable and flexible financial products, helps incentivize the modernization of investment culture and the development of its ecosystem.
May 2021

Company Established

With an aim to capitalize on the burgeoning capital market in Georgia, Foresight Investment Group was founded by three partners in 2021. Their vision from the very start was to craft innovative investment solutions for local, retail and institutional investors as well as foreign investors interested in the Georgian economy.


September 2021

Licensing by the National Bank of Georgia

Foresight Investment Group was one of the first companies in Georgia to get an asset management license from the country's financial regulator. Obtaining the license affirmed the company's dedication to exellense. transparency, and professionalism.
April 2022

Registration and Launch of Foresight's First Investment Fund

In April 2022, the National Bank of Georgia registered Foresight's first investment fund - USD Secured Debt Fund, a portfolio of secured direct loans to established Georgian entities. The fund was the first financial product of its type in the country.
June 2022

Commencement of Capital Raising for the First Fund

In June 2022, Foresight Investment Group embarked on a campaign to raise initial capital for its first investment product - USD Secured Debt Fund. The primary target investors were local savers, who had had very limited options for parking their savings.
July 2023

Registration and Launch of the Second and Third Funds

In the summer of 2023, the National Bank of Georgia approved the registration of Foresight's second and third investment products. This was a major milestone in the company's efforts to provide tailored financial products to the Georgian retail and institutional investors.

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