Financial Education

Our financial education section offers resources and information to help you learn more about personal finance and investing in order to achieve your financial goals.

Security of savings

Regardless of the attractiveness and convenience of saving or entrusting savings to someone else, it is crucial for a saver to prioritize the safety of their money and understand the implications in case of a risky situation.

Security of savings in investment funds

The operations of investment funds are tightly regulated under the Law of Georgia "On Investment Funds". The National Bank of Georgia serves as the regulator for funds and fund management companies, with its primary objective being the safeguarding of savers and investors and the maintenance of financial system stability.

Investment funds and their managers are held to rigorous regulatory standards that encompass robust internal processes, prudent investment practices, and transparent disclosure of information to investors.

As per the law, funds are required to submit quarterly reports to the regulator, ensuring ongoing adherence to legal and industry regulations.