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Our company is regulated by the National Bank of Georgia. 

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The Foresight MOdel

Foresight Investment Group is one of the first asset management companies licensed by the National Bank of Georgia.  Similar to banks, our operations revolve around financial intermediation.

We facilitate the connection between individuals and companies with available savings/capital on the one side and businesses or private entities seeking financing on the other side.

Founders of Foresight

Our company was founded in 2021 by three experienced professionals in the field of banking and investments, with the aim of creating new investment opportunities for the people of Georgia and those who want to invest in the country.

To actualize this vision, the founders of the company curated the Foresight’s team, comprising of skilled and dynamic professionals.


To be a profitable and lean investment platform that:

  • Creates a western culture of investing in Georgia
  • Provides savers with profitable and safe investment opportunities and helps them achieve stable financial future
  • Provides businesses with financing tailored to their needs


Our vision is to foster a thriving investment ecosystem, where people invest for their stable financial future while also helping businesses get improved access to tailored financing.


Our team is oriented towards the welfare of Foresight’s investors. Each of our actions and decisions consider the best interests of our investors.

Our objective is for Foresight’s investors and other interested parties to be constantly informed about our actions and decisions.

Our team cares daily for our investor’s maximal profit generation.

We constantly develop and offer the market innovative investment products, which are tailored to investors’ different types of needs.

We help people make informed investment decisions and support their own stable financial future.

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