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By investing in our funds, you entrust your savings to professionals who help you secure your stable financial future.

Our Funds

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Funds in this category aim to generate stable and predictable income. These funds primarily invest in low- to medium-risk financial instruments, such as secured debt, corporate bonds or government securities, with the main goal of achieving stable returns.

If your goal is to generate a predictable income stream, these funds are for you!


Funds in this category are for short-term investment and are characterized by low risk and high liquidity. These funds mostly invest in short-term money market instruments, such as government securities, commercial bank deposits and high-grade corporate securities. The primary objectives of such funds are preservation of capital and high liquidity.

If you are looking for short-term, low-risk and highly liquid investment opportunity, money market funds are for you!

Hybrid funds encompass an investment strategy that includes both equity investment and allocation to fixed income assets. The goal of these funds is to achieve the potential for capital gains along with ensuring stable income stream for investors.

If you are seeking a balanced portfolio with potential for high returns, funds in this category are for you!


why should you invest with us?

why should you invest with us?

Your savings are under professional management

The National Bank of Georgia sets strict criteria for those individuals authorized to manage investment funds.

You diversify your savings

By investing in an investment fund, you automatically become a co-owner of a portfolio of various assets, thus minimizing investment risks.

Opportunity to receive high returns

By investing in investment funds, you can receive higher returns compared to traditional savings alternatives

Placing savings in an investment fund is affordable

Investment funds usually have low minimum investment requirements, making it easier to start investing.


Investment funds are generally highly liquid, that means you have the opportunity to quickly cash out the invested amount.

Managing your investment is convenient

Investing in mutual funds is available through digital platforms, making it easy to manage and track your investments.

Your Investing Process

To kickstart the investment process, a defined amount of initial investment or capital is required. The minimum investment amount may vary depending on the funds. For details, please check our list of funds.

Engaging in a financial discussion with a financial advisor can help clarify your financial goals and define your investment horizon and risk tolerance. This step is crucial for making informed decisions in the realm of investment.

The choice of Foresight funds is tailored to different investment goals and strategies. At this stage of the investment process, in line with a shared vision with financial advisors, you select specific Foresight fund(s) for investment.

Congratulations! At this stage, you are already prepared for investment. You have defined your investment goals, developed a strategy, and chosen specific fund(s). Following our investment instructions and completing the transaction, you officially become an investor!

Through the Foresight Investors Portal, you can receive daily updates on your investments, review performance reports, and request the return of invested funds.

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